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Your Amazing Brain! exhibition logo

Your Amazing Brain! is a family-oriented, interactive exhibition that
explores what your brain looks like inside and out; how electrical activity
makes everything in your brain happen; how your brain processes sensory information; and how you can change your brain by what you think and do.

Visitors will be able to see a real human brain and compare it to brains of other animals such as birds, a shark and a reptile; explore an interactive model of an MRI machine to see how scientists examine brain activity; challenge a partner to use brainwaves to move a ball across a table; play a reaction time game to learn about neural processing speed; examine a giant model of a brain to find out what regions are involved in speech, vision and other functions; trick your brain into seeing things that aren’t really there with a variety of illusions; and play maze and concentration games that build new neural pathways of memory and learning.

Your Amazing Brain! also features a photography exhibition with images of neurons and other microscopic brain structures provided by Indiana University scientists.

Thanks to our Exhibition Sponsors and Partners



Ray and Marcie Tichenor Endowment Fund

Southern Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society

IU Bloomington Department of Physics (John Beggs Lab)

IU Bloomington Department of Chemistry (Kevin and Laura Brown)