Close Encounters!

Bearded Dragon LizardFrom time to time, you'll find a staff member or volunteer in the second floor gallery offering an up-close-and-personal demo with a bearded dragon lizard, snake, or other live creature you can touch!

Fitzgerald Hall of Natural Science

This area of the second floor gallery is where most of WonderLab’s live insects, amphibians and reptiles live in Salt Water Aquariumsettings that mimic their natural habitats. Exhibits showcase the diversity of the living world, as well as the ancient environment of south-central Indiana as evidenced by fossils. The Tropical Sea Aquarium contains a coral reef ecosystem, including descendants of the animals found in this region’s fossil record. 


Play and Learn Together

Look inside the bee hive and try to identify the queen, drones and worker bees. What are their different roles in their community?

Look at fossils on the wall and in the dig area. Do any of them look like any of the living creatures in the Tropical Sea Aquarium?

Notice the different habitats of different live animals. Can you identify one feature of each animal that may help that creature survive in its native environment?