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"The experiments were a big hit! All of the parents and kids commented about how wonderful the party was. It was a very, very special day. Thanks so very much!"

Birthday Parties

Super Science Party Activities

The Super Science party package begins with hands-on lab experiments and/or demonstrations guided by WonderLab's birthday party host. Activities can be adjusted for the age of the birthday party guests. The rest of the time is spent exploring the museum and enjoying party refreshments.

Prehistoric Party IconPrehistoric Party
Be a paleontologist as you dig for fossil pieces (colored pasta) to finish a dinosaur model. Then make a dinosaur footprint 'fossil' to take home!

Rainbow of Colors IconRainbow of Colors
Produce surprising effects during a disappearing colors demonstration. Then use pipettes and test tubes in a color mixing challenge that repeats the scientific process of observing, hypothesizing, and testing over again.

Magic mysteries party iconMagic Mysteries
Abracadabra!! Ever wonder how magicians are able to perform all of their tricks? Learn the science behind a few popular tricks as you watch a live magic density demonstration and perform your own ‘fishing for ice’ and color changing messages experiments!

Wild Animals Party IconWild Animals
Have a private live animal presentation with a WonderLab animal care specialist featuring one of the museum's feature creatures! Then, learn about the six main biomes by matching animals to each one.

Superhero Science party iconSuperhero Powers
Dress up as your favorite superhero and learn the science behind special superhero powers of strength, magnetism, and electricity! Take pictures in front of a superhero-inspired backdrop. 

Carbon Dioxide Bubbles IconFizzy Fun Reactions
Discover the chemical reaction that occurs when acids and bases are mixed together. Use science to inflate a balloon, create foam in the popular "elephant's toothpaste" experiment, and then make a "lava lamp" in a glass beaker!