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Birthday Parties

Standard Birthday Party Activities

The standard party package includes new hands-on lab experiments. Parties begin with a short experiment, using real lab equipment, guided by WonderLab's birthday party host. Activities can be adjusted for the age of the birthday party guests. The rest of the time is spent exploring the museum and enjoying party refreshments.

Rainbow of Colors IconRainbow of Colors
Use pipettes and test tubes to mix primary colors. Experiment with milk, food coloring, and more to produce surprising effects!

Carbon Dioxide Bubbles IconCarbon Dioxide Bubbles
Discover the chemical reaction that occurs when we add sugar to a carbonated soda, and then make a "lava lamp" in a glass beaker!

Squishy Circuits IconSquishy Circuits
See how kid-friendly electronics can be when we use conductive and insulating play dough with LEDs and motors!