"WonderLab, thank you for putting on quite a show! You really made science come ALIVE!"

Contact the Outreach Manager

Staci Radford-Vincent
Outreach Manager
812.337.1337 ext. 18

If you call and get voicemail, please leave your telephone number and the best time(s) to reach you at that number.


Assembly Demos

Assembly Demo AudienceIf you need to serve a large number of students in a limited period of time, these 45-minute interactive science demonstrations are the perfect choice! Watch your students get excited about science by observing and participating in amazing experiments that will get them thinking, cheering . . . and learning!
Length: 45 minutes
Maximum group size: 150 individuals
Maximum # of shows: 3 in one day (with minimum of 20 minutes to reset between shows)
First show: Starting at $380, depending on show  Each additional show: $190
Mileage and travel fees may apply for some locations. Please contact to inquire.

  • Grades 1-3 or Grades 4-5

    Hair-Raising Science Spark your students' interest in science! In this highly visual demonstration about static electricity, we use a Van de Graaff generator to create mini-bolts of lightning, "floating" packing peanuts, and a shockingly "bad hair" moment for volunteers from the audience. The content of this presentation is adjusted for the age of the audience.

  • Grades 2-4

    Stranger Than Fiction What could be better than a demonstration that combines literature with science? This exciting show explores the science behind phenomenon described in classic and popular literature such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Wizard of Oz, One Thousand and One Nights, and more tales from around the globe!

  • Grades 3-5 or Grades 6-8

    The Awesome Power of Air What is air? Can you freeze it? Dissolve it? Capture it? Find out in this interactive demonstration of the awesome power of air as we create colorful chemical reactions, implosions, and explosions! The content of this presentation is adjusted for the age of the audience.

Please read these things you need to know about outreach services.

  1. Staffing. In order to ensure a successful outreach event, you should be prepared to provide space, tables, chairs and, if needed, electrical outlets and a convenient water supply. If you are located in Monroe County, you are responsible for providing half of the volunteers needed to staff the activity stations. If you are outside Monroe County, you also should plan to provide all of the volunteers needed to staff the activity stations.

  2. Outreach events outside of Monroe County are subject to a transportation fee of $0.58/mile round trip. Outreach events which are more than a one-hour drive from WonderLab are subject to an additional transportation surcharge of $15 per hour of travel round trip.

  3. Outreach events must be scheduled and paid at least two weeks in advance. Events that require payment adjustments based on attendance will be invoiced or reimbursed for adjustments after the event. Non-payment will result in cancellation of the event.

  4. Cancellation Policy. Events cancelled at least one month in advance will receive a full refund. Events cancelled less than one month in advance are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Events cancelled less than two weeks in advance will receive refund of their mileage/travel fees only. No cancellation fees will be charged if the event is rescheduled. No cancellation fees will be charged if an event is cancelled due to weather conditions.