"Your activities really captured the imagination of the kids. Thanks for making our festival a success!"

Contact the Outreach Manager

Staci Radford-Vincent
Outreach Manager
812.337.1337 ext. 18

If you call and get voicemail, please leave your telephone number and the best time(s) to reach you at that number.


Festival Events

Festival Outreach BoothWonderLab can add pizzazz to your festival event with hands-on activities that draw a crowd! We offer festival outreach events in three standard sizes, plus a live animal demonstration option, to meet your needs. We also offer themed options for WonderFest and MiniFest events. Please let us know how we can tailor festival outreach activities to meet the needs of your audience and event. Themed options include:

  • Body Science Breakaway

    Your body is one big science experiment just waiting to happen! Baffle your brain, get pinned down by your center of gravity, pick up a little “gross-ology,” and more while learning about science from head to toe.

  • Fabulous Physics of Sound

    Explore the physics of sound! Find out how sound waves travel by sending your voice through a “hose phone,” use sound to make water jump into the air, find out exactly what a “boom-whacker” is, and more.  Who knew that science could be this much “phun”!

  • The Wandering Wizard

    Experience the magic of science when you attend WonderWarts School of Science Wizardry!  Go to a variety of science magic “classes” where you’ll learn how to levitate a ping-pong ball, create an invisible map, make your own static electricity "wand" and more!

Festival pricing is based on a combination of the number of people served and the time commitment. A half-day outreach is defined as up to two-and-a-half hours; a full-day outreach is defined as up to four hours. Adding hours or people served results in greater cost. 

WonderFest (Ten different activities)
Starts at $375 (half-day) for up to 100 people and $600 (full-day) for up to 200 people

MiniFest (Five different activities)
Starts at $225 (half-day) for up to 100 people and $300 (full-day) for up to 200 people

MicroFest (One activity)
Starts at $100 for one hour and one activity station

Live Animal Demonstration (Two animals)
Starts at $150 (one hour) for up to 60 people

Please read these things you need to know about outreach services!

  1. Staffing. In order to ensure a successful outreach event, you should be prepared to provide space, tables, chairs and, if needed, electrical outlets and a convenient water supply. If you are located in Monroe County, you are responsible for providing half of the volunteers needed to staff the activity stations. If you are outside Monroe County, you also should plan to provide all of the volunteers needed to staff the activity stations.

  2. Outreach events outside of Monroe County are subject to a transportation fee of $0.58/mile round trip. Outreach events which are more than a one-hour drive from WonderLab are subject to an additional transportation surcharge of $15 per hour of travel round trip.

  3. Outreach events must be scheduled and paid at least two weeks in advance. Events that require payment adjustments based on attendance will be invoiced or reimbursed for adjustments after the event. Non-payment will result in cancellation of the event. 

  4. Cancellation Policy. Events cancelled at least one month in advance will receive a full refund. Events cancelled less than one month in advance are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Events cancelled less than two weeks in advance will receive refund of their mileage/travel fees only. No cancellation fees will be charged if the event is rescheduled. No cancellation fees will be charged if an event is cancelled due to weather conditions.