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If a particular camp is at capacity enrollment, we encourage you to apply for a waitlist spot. Your child will be assigned a special code so you can track your child's position on any of the waitlists. See the Waitlists page.

  • June 8-12 Camps


    Morning 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Afternoon 1:00 pm  - 4:00 pm
    (Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1) Full! Wait List Only.
    Code: C1501
    Design and create amazing structures on your own using unique building materials! Also take on the challenge of playground-scale construction projects working in small groups. 
    Kelsey Brannon
    (Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1) Full! Wait List Only.
    Code: C1502

    Go outside, explore nature, and learn about a different group of animals each day! Take a field trip to nearby creek, explore animal tracks and signs in nature, and make your own animal tracks t-shirt.
    Leah Simoni
    (Entering Grades 2-3) Full! Wait List Only.
    Code: C1503
    Sharpen your powers of observation outdoors! Make your own "magic eye" and animal track to take home. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of WonderLab's animal care facilities.
    Ella Heckman
    (Entering Grades 2-3) Full!  Wait List Only.
    Code: C1504

    Discover water in its solid, liquid, and gas forms! Make a model of a river, explore ocean currents, create a cloud chart for predicting weather, perform water experiments, and more! 
    Laura Sears
    (Entering Grades 4-6) Full! Wait List Only.
    Code: C1505

    Collect samples of fresh water from different sources and conduct fascinating water quality experiments! Observe the tiny microorganisms found in water, try purifying water, compare fresh water and seawater, and more.
    Laura Sears
    (Entering Grades 4-6)
    Code: C1506  Extra fee: $10

    Combine traditional crafting with technologies as you solder a flip lamp, make "fabric" products with fused plastic bags, create a stop-motion video, paint a t-shirt with light, and more! Use real tools and apply creativity.
    Andrea Oeding


  • June 15-19 Camps

    Morning 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Afternoon 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    (Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1)
    Code: C1507 [two sections]

    Meet a live barnyard animal every day as you explore the science of everything on the farm from sheep to bees to seeds! We'll even make butter and go on a walking field trip to a nearby farm.  
    Lisa Kroll / Katie Yoder
    (Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1)
    Code: C1508 [two sections]

    Discover the world of chemistry through levitating liquids, color-changing substances, and bubbles! Measure, experiment, and have fun with chemical reactions using safe substances.
    Samantha Agoos / Lisa Kroll
    (Entering Grades 2-3)FULL! Waitlist Only.
    Code: C1509

    Explore chemistry as you make a color separation t-shirt, build a glow-in-the-dark fountain, create dry ice bubbles, and more! Construct a density column sculpture to take home. 
    Samantha Agoos
    (Entering Grades 2-3)FULL! Waitlist only.
    Code: C1510

    Spark an interest in electronics as you make circuits to do cool things! Build “squishy circuits," make a human circuit to power a cheeping chick, and get creative with the new LittleBits electronics building system.
    Cathy Jackowiak 
    (Entering Grades 4-6)FULL! Waitlist only.
    CRAZY CONTRAPTIONS [Full Day Camp 9:00 am - 4:00 pm]
    Code: C1511 
    Have an immersive experience working on a small team to design and build a creative Rube Goldberg device with whimsical steps involving levers, pulleys, marble runs, hydraulics and more to accomplish a simple task! Each team will showcase their contraption at the end of the week, just like at a Science Olympiad event. 
    Tony Ritchel
  • June 22-26 Camps

    Morning 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Afternoon 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    (Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1)  
    Code: C1512 
    [two sections]
    Stretch your senses and imagination through games and activities outside and inside! Go on a paint chip nature walk, watch a baby plant change colors, and make your own animal track to take home. 
    Ella Heckman / Katie Yoder
    (Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1) FULL!  Wait List Only.
    Code: C1513 
    [two sections]
    Be a paleontologist! Work on a simulated excavation and learn about dinosaur activities through tracks. Make a life-size dinosaur egg and nest. See and touch a Tyrannosaurus rex skull and claw! 
    Carey Behne / Kim Beathea
    (Entering Grades 2-3)
    Code: C1514

    Learn how to innovate with brainstorming, creativity, teamwork, and common materials just like real engineers do! Make, test, and redesign a trebuchet to hit a specific target. Solve a fun design challenge using a "mystery bag" of materials.
    Lisa Kroll
    (Entering Grades 2-3) Full! Wait List Only.
    Code: C1515

    Be a nature detective and investigate mammals, birds, arthropods, reptiles, and amphibians outdoors! Make a pitfall trap, rip apart a decayed log to see what's inside, and take a behind-the-scenes tour of WonderLab's animal care facilities.
    Lisa Kroll
    (Entering Grades 4-6)
    Code: C1516

    Have a blast with the physics and engineering of flight! Build and launch increasingly complex rockets - including one that has two stages - as you experiment with fuel, payload, trajectory and more to meet test flight goals.
    Krystal Marks
    (Entering Grades 4-6)
    Code: C1517

    Explore and master the exciting new LittleBits electronics building system, plus hack into electronic toys and reconfigure their sounds, movements, and more with BloomingLabs. Build an electronic quiz board to take home.
    Krystal Marks
  • June 29-July 2 TV Tech Camp at WTIU on the IU Campus

    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    (Entering Grades 4-6) Full!  Wait List Only.
    Code: C1518

    Have a full-day, behind-the-scenes television production experience in the studios of WTIU on the Indiana University Bloomington campus! Morning project-based activities involve camera and lighting technology, storyboarding, editing digital media, and more. In the afternoon, campers will apply their experience to real production sets shadowing and sometimes working hand-in-hand with the WTIU production team during an actual taping. This camp is partially supported by Indiana University’s College of Arts and Sciences Ostrom Grants Program.

    Laura Sears
  • July 6-10 Camps

    Morning 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Afternoon 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    (Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1) Full! Wait List Only.
    Code: C1519

    Learn surprising things about water and bubbles of all kinds! Test things that sink and float in water. Watch “floating bubbles” hover in mid-air, and get a new view of the world from inside a giant bubble!
    Ann Williams

    (Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1)Full! Wait List Only.
    Code: C1520

    Build and test boats, cars, rockets, and more! Investigate how things move on and through the air, water, and ground. Create an airplane with flaps you can adjust to make the airplane turn and do somersaults. 
    Elaine Bonadies

    (Entering Grades 2-3)
    Code: C1521

    Design and build vehicles, and then test their movements in the air, on the ground, and in the water! Make rockets and test their range and accuracy. Design a boat and test its speed and how much weight it can carry.
    Elaine Bonadies

    (Entering Grades 2-3)
    Code: C1522

    Investigate animals from the inside out! See and study real mammal skulls, and learn what skulls and bones tell you about the owner’s life. Get your hands on real human bones to learn amazing things about your own body.
    Lisa Kroll

    (Entering Grades 4-6)
    Code: C1523

    Scientifically investigate an amazing diversity of real animal skulls, from porcupines to pygmy hippos, guided by the Indiana University Moczek Lab Science Outreach Team! Explore human skulls and bones, and learn the basics of human anatomy. 
    Lisa Kroll
    (Entering Grades 4-6) Full! Wait List Only.
    Code: C1524  
    Extra fee: $5
    Dig deep into Indiana geology! Investigate Indiana’s ancient environments, and hunt for real fossils in a nearby streambed. Learn about active earthquake zones and how to be safe in a real earthquake, plus construct your own working seismograph.  
    Sherri Campbell