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Educator Workshops

Mystery Skulls Educator Workshop with Professor MoczekSKULLS, SKELETONS and YOU!
Engaging Science with Unique Materials
Friday, April 10 or Saturday, April 11 (Your choice!)
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at the WonderLab Museum with lunch provided  
Audience: Grades 3-12 STEM Educators
Presented by: WonderLab staff and Professor Armin Moczek, Indiana University Biology Department
Cost: FREE for classroom teachers. Limited support available for substitute teachers on Friday.
WonderLab Gift Store Discount: Participants receive 20% gift store discount on workshop day! 
Registration: Advance registration is required. Call Celeste Wolfinger at 812-337-1337 ext. 11
Registration Deadline: April 8, 2015
Cancellation Policy: Space is limited. Please call in advance if you must cancel.
skull photoThis one-day workshop provides a hands-on experience with high-impact materials and activities, which are available FREE for your classroom, as three different modules. In-depth science content also will be provided. The workshop includes information about how the modules help meet new WIDA standards and can be presented in a bi-lingual format, as well as how they can be adapted for special needs students. Click on the + for more information on each module.

  • Mystery Skulls

    Learn about exciting new updates to the popular “Mystery Skulls” inquiry module. From Pygmy hippos to manatees ... and coyotes to cougars... explore an amazing collection of real mammal skulls and find out how these unique materials and related inquiry activities can bring science engagement and rich content into your classroom. Tested in elementary through high school classrooms, "Mystery Skulls" activities help your students develop an intuitive / experiential understanding of animal adaptation, structure-function relationships, trophic levels, biodiversity, natural and artificial selection, and the evolution of form and diversity.

  • Human Skeletal Anatomy

    This module can either be an extension of the "Mystery Skulls" module or stand alone as an amazing experience about human skeletal anatomy. Participants will use real human skeletal material to study the human skull, human bones and the biology of joints and movement. Also tested in elementary through high school classrooms, including with many special needs groups, "Human Skeletal Anatomy" activities help your students develop an intuitive understanding of structure-function relationships in their own body. This module has proven to be especially effective and impactful for a variety of special needs students, including those with learning and emotional disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and multiple physical and cognitive disabilities.

  • The Biology of Human Evolution

    NEW! Test an exciting new advanced module on human evolution.Trace the history of humans using real and replica skulls (modern humans, ancestor species, other primates) plus a diversity of data sets such as age of skulls, geographic location of skull discovery, climate and related cultural discovery dates. Participants will reconstruct the diversification of the genus Homo, its repeated paths out of Africa, and the interplay between biological evolution, technology, and climate in shaping this. Note: this module is designed for middle and high school students.

SPONSOR: National Science Foundation