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Undead      Friday, October 20       6-9 p.m.

Explore the science behind the “Undead”.  Party with famous scientists of the past and see if you can guess who they are? Hold (but don’t eat!) real brains, learn how to do “zombie” make-up, whip up some fake blood as you learn about the properties of real blood, and lots more “undead fun”!

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Program Partners & Activities

The Science of Special Effects
Melanie Davis, WonderLab’s Exhibits and Facilities Assistant Director, will demonstrate how to create the appearance of decaying features using make up to simulate stages of decomposition. Learn how to make prosthetic wounds and scars, used to bring the undead to life in film and T.V. Practice making these special effect wounds on yourself with Melanie’s assistance!

Undead Scientists
Local actors from around the Bloomington area will be playing undead scientists. What does it look like when prominent scientific figures are brought back to life, thus shaking their core scientific principles and understanding of how the world works? Find out as you interact with these actors, and learn about the lives and deaths of these historic figures.

Embracing Embalming
Allen Funeral Home will talk about their expertise in the embalming process. All people die, and many people are buried, yet few actually think about the science of embalming, and the expertise it takes to go into this area of work. These professionals will be happy to tell you about the process and answer your questions.

Decorate Your Own Tombstone Cookie
Baked!, the local cookie shop in Bloomington, has donated 300 tombstone shaped cookies to WonderLab. At the event, there will be a station where guests can decorate their own tombstone shaped cookie.

Escape the room, Escape the Zombies
The Code & Key, escape rooms, is a new business in Bloomington. This escape room company not only has their own escape rooms, but works with local organizations to set up escape rooms in other places. Guests in groups of 6-8 people will have 15 minutes to try to escape the room at WonderLab before the zombies get them. There will be a sign up list at the door and guests can sign up for time slots, first come first serve. Groups who do not show up 5 minutes before the start time of their slot will lose their slot.

Hold a Brain!
The Neuroscience Club from IU will have sheep brains for guests to look at and hold! Learn about the brain and grow your own! Ask questions about neuroscience and the brain.

After After Dark
The Tap, a local brewery in downtown Bloomington, will be hosting the After Dark After Party. The After Party will be held in The Tap’s Brew Pub, which is an enclosed area The Tap uses for special functions, from 8:00 P.M until 12:00 A.M. The Brew Pub has a full food menu and the 18 beers that The Tap brews in house.  25% of all revenue generated the Brew Pub will be donated to WonderLab.

WonderLab After Dark offers adults, ages 21+, the opportunity to experience the “wonder” of hands-on science while enjoying some delicious food and drink with friends and family. After Dark features a different science “theme” for each date, with fun activities that are sure to challenge your brain and put a smile on your face.

WonderLab believes that science learning is a lifelong pursuit and we seek to create hands-on experiences that appeal to the “kid” in all of us. After Dark is a great opportunity to you to leave your inhibitions at home and rediscover how much fun it can be to “play.” We hope that you and your friends will join us for the next WonderLab After Dark!

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