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Friday, September 13, 2024

  • 6pm – Reception and Activities
  • 7:15pm – Dinner and program
  • Woolery Mill, 2250 Sunrise Dr.


Why the “Science of Superstition”?
Superstitions like knocking on wood, avoiding black cats, or not stepping on cracks add a dash of mystery to life and have puzzled people for centuries with the fear of the unknown. But why do we follow these beliefs? Are superstitions baseless, or do they have scientific reasoning behind them? Why do we avoid walking under ladders or opening umbrellas indoors? On Friday, September 13th (yes, Friday the 13th), we invite you to join us as we journey into the origins and science behind some of our most common childhood superstitions.

Attire: Formal, Fancy, Festive, or Fun!
This wonderful evening of fun and fundraising will feature all things superstitious. Join us for hands-on science activities, cocktails, plated dinner, auctions, camaraderie and a shared appreciation for the value of science education for all kids. Invite your friends to come out for a great time and a great cause.

Join us during the reception from 6:00 to 7:15pm on the patio for hands-on activities exploring superstitions and chance.

Science Night Out raises critical funds for hands-on science programs and exhibits, and also for free group admissions for Title I schools and social service organizations, including CASA, New Hope for Families, Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more. This same fund also subsidizes admission for families with low incomes who participate in the Access Pass program.

Questions? Email sciencenightout@wonderlab.org.

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