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Fall Maker Workshop: Model Rockets –The Physics Behind Motion and Energy

Make and launch your very own model rocket during WonderLab’s Fall Maker Workshop. Learn about the physics behind motion and energy, study the different parts of a rocket ship, and plan where your rocket ship will be traveling. Build a colorful rocket ship that you get to take home. Participate in an exciting grand launch finale.


  • Design a model rocket 
  • Build a model rocket
  • Launch a model rocket

About Model Rockets: A rocket needs four things to function: pressure, heat, oxygen, and fuel. Rockets use a special type of fuel called propellant that burns really fast. When the propellant is put under pressure and combined with oxygen, it creates hot gas that wants to escape. We see all of these things come together at the bottom of the rocket, where the flames burst out of the combustion chamber and force the rocket in the opposite direction. This is called thrust, and it’s how rockets move. Once in space, there is no oxygen, so the rocket can continue to move until it reaches its destination. Rockets have special engines that are designed to make sure the propellant burns super fast and efficiently. Just like a car engine but much stronger!

At WonderLab we use real tools and materials. During this Maker Workshop we will be using flammable liquid and a flame. Program instructors will review safety protocols and how to properly use tools. Please make sure those who sign up to participate are ready for this level of responsibility and safety skills. 

Disclaimer: The 2024 Maker Workshop series at WonderLab is dedicated to educating the museum’s community about astronomy through the lens of product design. These programs are developed in the effort to reach an older audience and engage them in continued scientific learning. Participants are encouraged to work alone, work together, and work creatively.

Recommended Ages: Ages 8+

Dates and Times: 

  • Saturday, September 14, 2024
  • 10am – 4pm

Ticket Prices – Includes all project materials and museum admission

  • $6 Members
  • $20 Non-Members
  • $8 Access Pass



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