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A child plays with a series of tube's on a well, Wonderlab's Airmaze

AIRMAZE – Discover the powers of air flow in our maze of tubes! What happens to the objects you place inside?

A child smiles as she pulls on a rope, one of Wonderlab's favorite exhibits

PULLEY CHAIRS – Test your strength! Which chair do you think is the easiest to move? Learn More

A child smiles at an adult as he plays in the bubble exhibit

BUBBLES: BUBBLE DOMES – What’s inside your bubble? Add mist or air to bubble solution. How big will it grow?

A child holds a large bubble in her had, while a younger child reaches for it

BUBBLES: CLOUDBALL – Catch a cloud or three! Watch as clouds grow right before your eyes.

A young girl wearing a face mask is creating a giant bubble with a large ring in Wonderlab's bubble area

BUBBLES: BIG BUBBLE – Use just soap and water to create a bubble as big as you.

A young girl interacts with Wonderlab's Magnetic Sculpture exhibit

MAGNETIC SCULPTURE – Build elaborate structures using the power of magnetism.

A child lays on the Bed of Nails exhibit at Wonderlab while a younger child looks on

BED OF NAILS – Are you brave enough to lay on a bed of nails? Thanks to the physics of pressure, it’s virtually painless. Learn More

A child interacts with the Wonderlab Mindball exhibit while two other kids and an adult look on

MINDBALL – Challenge your friends to a power of the mind!

A toddler interacts with the Bernoulli AirTubes exhibit at Wonderlab, while their parent helps

BERNOULLI AIR TUBES – Levitate lightweight balls using a high-velocity stream of air.

A statue of the Wondersaurus at Wonderlab looks like it's about to bite the head of an adult standing underneath

WONDERSAURUS – This dinosaur is all bark and no bite!

A child plays with KNex at Wonderlab while an ad

K’NEX – What can you create? What happens if you add solar power?

A boy looks on in amazement as he interacts with the Kinetic Contraption at Wonderlab, Bloomington

KINETIC CONTRAPTION – Send a ball down every path of this beautiful Rube Goldberg Machine. Learn More

Children and caregivers have their hands in sand, the SandScapes exhibit at Wonderlab

SANDSCAPES – Mound a mountain. Sculpt a river. Create a storm. Level the land. Erupt a volcano. Learn more.

A child wearing a mask makes an observation through the MicroEye exhibit at Wonderlab in Bloomington

MICROEYE – Zoom into a microscopic world.

HEARTBEAT DRUM – Every heart has a rhythm controlled by the electrical signals from the brain. What’s your heart rhythm?

GUITAR / OSCYLINDERSCOPE – Pluck the strings. Watch the sounds.

PARACHUTE DROP – Pull and launch! Air resistance in action.

A child reaches up in the Cosmic Explosion exhibition while her mother holds her steady

COSMIC EXPLOSION – Create your own explosion when momentum meets mass. Learn More

A child navigates the Climber at Wonderlab museum

GRAPEVINE CLIMBER – How high can you climb? Learn More

GIANT XYLO PIPES – Slap some music out of this airy instrument. Learn More

SEE YOU SEE ME – Merge your features with another. What do you see?

ANIMATION STATION – Make your own animated adventures! Learn More

MAGNETOSCOPE – Turn the handles. Move the magnets. What happens? Learn More

WATER TABLE – Build a dam. Create a river. Move some water. Float the objects!

SKYLINE TOOLBOX – Nuts, bolts, beams, and frames. Let your imagination soar.

THEREMIN – Make music without physical touch. Learn More

ROPE SQUIRTER – Push and pull the knobs. Change the paths. Experiment with gravity, inertia, friction, and tension. What happens?

VIDEO KALEIDOSCOPE – Have you seen a kaleidoscope with 3 mirrors? 12 mirrors? 48?

BIG PIANO – Make music with your feet. Tap a tune on the Big Piano!

RAMPS – Roll, race, repeat! Which ball moves faster?

MECHANICAL CRANE – Work together. How many boxes can you stack? How small of a target can you hit? Learn More

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