Have you heard the buzz?

You have been on this journey with us since the beginning. We’re abuzz with excitement for the future.

You can help us make big progress towards these projects.

Through the Garden Door

A long-awaited change is coming to the Museum, and your gift can help make it happen! We’re excited to announce that this fall, a new door will be installed to provide a safer transition and more convenient entry to the WonderGarden, where birds, butterflies, and bees will flit and buzz among new paths, plantings, and engaging outdoor exhibits in the garden.

Connecting to the Community

You can provide a door to learning for the children in our community who need it most. Your gift to the “Connecting to the Community” fund provides access for families with low incomes, as well as visits for Title I schools and social service organizations; including CASA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Head Start, New Hope for Families, Family Solutions, and many more.

Our Greatest Need

Every child deserves the opportunity to discover the wonder of science. Your gift to WonderLab’s Greatest Need ensure that kids of all ages will have the chance to learn that science is fun, surprising, exciting, and also part of everything around us. Together we can continue to build the curious and creative problem solvers who will shape a brighter future for themselves and our world.

Help us meet our goal!

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“The WonderLab Museum is so important for our community! It provides a rich environment for learning and exposure to new experiences. In my work, it is the perfect place to engage children in role-playing appropriate behaviors, practicing communication skills, and have fun while doing it.”
–  Danny Mamanua, Family Solutions

Family Solutions is a not-for-profit community-based agency developed to provide counseling and supportive services to children and families who are at risk for experiencing out-of-home placement or have had children removed from the home

What is a waggle dance?

A figure-eight “dance” performed by a honeybee at the hive or nest, to indicate to other bees the direction and distance of a source of food. Want to find out more, check out this video from the Smithsonian.

Do your own waggle dance!

Waggle Dance choreographed and performed by
Sarah Wroth, Chair of IU Department of Ballet

with dancers Maddie Tyler and Jaya Dhand

Waggle Dance
Written and performed by Emmy Brockman

Recorded and mastered by Russian Recording

Emmy Brockman,
Curriculum Designer for Sesame Workshop

Build Your Hive

Download the printable Honeybee Comb craft and build with us!

You’ll Need: Scissors, and either Tape or Glue

  1. Cut along all solid lines of individual pieces 
  2. Fold hexagonal sides inward along dotted lines.
  3. Use small pieces of tape to connect the edges to form cells.
  4. To form a comb, glue individual cells together in life cycle order.
  5. Cut out the mature bee from the front of the postcard, which represents the final, adult stage of the life cycle.