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WonderLab Museum officially launched back in January of 1998, with the opening of the first Museum space on the north side of Bloomington’s downtown square. 

We look forward to celebrating in 2023, and we want to thank our donors for making the last 25 years of inspiring hands-on science programs and exhibits possible. 

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Create a Helicopter

Download the printable helicopter craft and play along!

You’ll Need: Scissors and either Tape, Glue, or a Paperclip

  1. Cut along all solid lines 
  2. Fold along dotted lines “A” and B” 
  3. Fold along dotted line “C” 
  4. Secure flap created by Step 3 with tape, glue, or a paperclip 
  5. Fold along dotted lines “D” and “E” in opposite directions. 
  6. Drop with recently folded sides facing up

How it Works: The “blades” have an angle out of the plane of rotation, like a fan or wind turbine does. The weight of the helicopter pulls it down. Some air pushes straight up on them, but some pushes forward on the blade, which is tangential to the swept circle of the blades.

What if you change the angle of the D and E dashed lines? How does a greater or lesser angle affect the speed of the spin?