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A brightly colored rocket ship launches into the universe over the words Launching Into the Future.
Two young children watch as their creation launches into the air as they experiment with the WonderLab Hover Crafts exhibit.

Our Greatest Need

Every child deserves the opportunity to discover the wonder of science. Your gift to WonderLab’s Greatest Need ensure that kids of all ages will have the chance to learn that science is fun, surprising, exciting, and also part of everything around us.

Together we can continue to build the curious and creative problem solvers who will shape a brighter future for themselves and our world.

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WonderLab Museum is excited to BLAST OFF into the next 25 years of inspiring life-long learning and sharing hands-on science with children and families in the Bloomington area and beyond. Thank you to all our donors over the last quarter-century for making this milestone possible.

There are some exciting changes happening this year! WonderLab will install a new door that leads directly to the WonderGarden from the Museum building, utilizing the Garden as a three-season exhibit and environmental experience space. A new HVAC system will improve WonderLab’s environmental sustainability, and a generous grant will expand access to hands-on science for rural communities through WonderLab’s outreach program. We are so excited to begin this next chapter. Your gift today will launch WonderLab into the next 25 years!

Build a Rocket Launcher

Download the printable Rocket Launcher craft and build with us!

You’ll Need: Scissors, a Straw, and either Tape or Glue


  1. Cut out all the pieces on the solid lines.
  2. Tightly wrap the vertical rectangle around a straw. Tape the newly formed cylinder and remove it from the straw.
  3. Cut along the solid line to the middle of the circle and stop. Curl one side under the other so it becomes a cone and tape to the top of the paper rocket.
  4. Fold along dotted lines of the triangles and tape to the lower part of the paper rocket.
  5. BLAST OFF! Slip the straw back into the rocket’s opening, and sharply blow through the straw.