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Winter Maker Workshop: Cosmic Creations – Build Your Own Star Projector

Make your own Star Projectors during WonderLab’s Winter Maker Workshop. Cast your sights upon the heavens. Learn about astronomy and constellations. Use your creativity and building skills to make your own star projector model that will display images of real constellations.

A Star Projector is a miniature planetarium that combines astronomy knowledge with light projection to create a handheld cosmic exploration device. WonderLab provides all the materials and guidance needed, so no prior experience is required. Learn about the major constellations, planets, and fascinating celestial phenomena. Discover the stories and myths behind these cosmic formations and how they have shaped human culture throughout history. At the end of the workshop, participants will leave with their own personalized star projector, ready to transform their room into a mini planetarium.

People have been measuring the placement of stars for thousands of years. In the early days of astronomy, tracking the skies was the best tool to keep track of time, which was fundamental for agriculture and navigation. The first planetarium to be built in modern times was constructed in Jena, Germany in 1924 by Carl Zeiss. This allowed the public to have greater access to studying the stars, thus expanding astronomy education and exploration.


  • Attend the workshop and decorate the projector base
  • Create a custom set of constellation cards that swap in to the projector
  • Test your star projector in a darkened room
  • Observe constellations in a pop-up planetarium

Disclaimer: The 2024 Maker Workshop series at WonderLab is dedicated to educating the museum’s community about astronomy through the lens of product design. These programs are developed in the effort to reach an older audience and engage them in continued scientific learning. Participants are encouraged to work alone, work together, and work creatively.  

Recommended Ages: Age 8 years +

Dates and Times: 

  • Saturday, January 27, 2024
  • 10am – 4pm or until supplies run out

What’s Included in the Ticket Price:

  • All materials and guidance –  no prior experience required!
  • Museum Admission for the full day.

Tickets: Tickets available on-line or at WonderLab

Buy Tickets: https://64603.blackbaudhosting.com/64603/Cosmic-Creations-Build-Your-Own-Star-Projector

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