WonderLab is thrilled to welcome Chris Ciolli to the Board of Directors. Chris has been a part of the Bloomington Community for 20 years. He currently serves as Senior Project Executive for Weddle Bros. Construction Company and previously served as Monroe County Community School Corporation’s Director of Building Operations.


Chris Ciolli, Senior Project Executive for Weddle Bros. Construction Company joins WonderLab’s Board of Directors

Chris received his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Indiana State University. He then continued his education, obtaining his Master of Public Administration from Indiana State University. Chris later received his Executive Education PMP certificate from Indiana University. 

Karen Jepson-Innes, WonderLab’s Executive Director, is excited to have Chris join the board noting that Chris’ professional experience and accomplishments are perfect for WonderLab at this time. 

“It is one of our priorities to have board members with strong facilities connections,” said Karen. “Chris fills that niche. He works at Weddle Brothers, the company that built WonderLab, so he knows a lot about our building, how buildings work, and what facilities need.”

Chris, a father to three young children, ages 2, 5, and 7, understands the importance of hands-on interactive science.

“We try to encourage our kids and make sure they are exposed to STEM,” said Chris. 

“My family frequents WonderLab often because we always have a good experience there. WonderLab is a natural fit.”

Chris’ interest in science comes from his profession in the construction management industry. Chris is interested in the way things work together. “Everything we do has a  positive or negative impact,” he said. “Trying to troubleshoot and come up with a solution is what draws me to science.” 

When offered the opportunity to be a board member, Chris was excited to join. 

“With my background and desire to give back to the community, it seemed like a good opportunity,” Chris said. “I hope to use my experience to better support WonderLab.” 

“Chris’ experience at MCCSC as their Director of Building Operations is a bonus, he has represented an entire school district, overseeing buildings that are functional and keep people comfortable, all the things we take for granted,” said Karen.

“The combination of those two things is fabulous for WonderLab, especially as we enter our next quarter century of operations. Some building components are moving on past their operational life, and need to be replaced. Chris will be a fantastic advisor as we move through these big changes to the facility,” she said. 

Chris looks forward to using his career experience to help support WonderLab and our mission as “a family-focused science museum with interactive exhibits and programs that stimulate curiosity, encourage discovery and inspire lifelong learning.”