Bearded Dragons

Harley, has been moved from the Gallery Dragon Exhibit for a much deserved rest. You can now find Dot in the Gallery Tank. Dot is one of our two female dragons. She is the smaller of our two females and typically docile and friendly. Dot is fed in the mornings. Visitors have the chance to meet and pet Dot during the afternoons.

Hissing Cockroaches

As always the hissers are breeding quickly and efficiently. Rest assured that we are keeping up with them, making sure we have adequate numbers for our size of habitat.


With the arrival of Run! Jump! Fly!, Lucky, our chuckwalla, has been moved to the second floor. You’ll find him at the top of the stairs near the other animals. As always Lucky is a performer and crowd-pleaser. He seems quite content in his new, busy location.


Our snake exhibit was also moved during the change-over. You will now find the snakes on the second floor behind the Kung Fu Forest and Vertical Jump. William, Snow, Medusa and Mocha have been moved from the Gallery and are resting in Animal Care. Our current gallery snakes are Hoosier (red/orange), Bubbles (white) and Teeny (black/brown). Our beautifully preserved cornsnake skeleton is on display in the fourth tank.

Submitted by Aleisha Kropf, Animal Exhibits Manager, 10/21/16