Tap into the Morse Code and ham it up with Ham Radio and a local team of Hams! Don’t wait on a satellite, here’s your connection! Tune into the Broadcast Bonanza at the WonderLab Museum of Science, Health, and Technology on Saturday, June 16 from 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

WonderLab will open its doors to Hams of all ages for Broadcast Bonanza: A Celebration of Ham Radio Kids Day with the help of Bloomington’s local Ham Radio group.

The Bloomington local Ham Radio group is full of amateur radio enthusiasts excited to share their passion and interests with the community. You may know what a radio is and what it sounds like, but have you ever wondered how it works? If so, come into WonderLab and ask an expert.

At Broadcast Bonanza, visitors will engage with Hams ranging from amateur to expert, learn how to build, use, and take home their very own Ham Radio.  Other activities include assembling a simple Morse Code machine and coding/decoding messages to friends and family.

“One of my favorite parts of this event is being able to see families have fun and learn together,” said, Jared Katz, adult and secondary education specialist. “It is great to see people working together as a team using Morse Code.”

Along with building a Ham Radio and Morse Code machine, visitors are invited to use the large, demonstration radio to communicate with National Ham Radio Kids Day participants.

Broadcast Bonanza is sponsored and presented by the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club, Inc. This club is an organization of Hams with all levels of experience. Active since 1967, the club engages with the Monroe County emergency preparedness, where many club members serve as trained weather “spotters” in extreme weather.

Broadcast Bonanza is free with museum admission and great for families. Build Your Own Ham Radio Kits will be available for purchase and priced $8 for members, $10 for non members. Materials for the radio kits will be supplied on a first-come first-serve basis.