WonderLab’s safari helmets have never been more relevant than for Night at the Museum: Animals A to Z! Experience the wonders of the wilderness on November 16 from 6 – 8 p.m. by touching and playing with live animals and by exploring with scientists and animal professionals. Work your way through a tighter and tighter space with the Caving Squeeze Box to see how small a cave you could navigate, and meet and play with WonderLab’s regular animals, newcomers, and returning guest stars.

“Bacon Bit the pig will be making an appearance,” said Nick Whites, museum educator and WonderLab’s outreach and elementary education specialist. “It’ll be the second time we’ve had Bacon Bit here, the first being at Night at the Museum: Fantastic Beasts.”

Night at the Museum is an all-ages themed event at WonderLab. It’s built to be a fun-filled night that allows children, their parents, and other adults in the community to interact with the museum in a unique way, although the regular exhibits will still be available for play.

“We have a theme, in this case Animals,” said Whites. “We try to build on that and bring in experts from the community, real scientists, and real tools to engage anyone in the community who wants to come in and enjoy.”

Younger visitors can explore animals and the alphabet through specially designed playful exploration and sensory activities while older children and adult guests enjoy a scavenger hunt as well as experiencing how different animals have adapted to their environments and how they see the world. Jungle Joe’s Flea Circus will amaze all ages, and the International Crane Foundation will present a variety of crane-themed activities to educate and entertain. The complete list of organizations that will be at WonderLab for the event include:

Enjoy it all: animal adaptations science, early childhood activities, and pizza from Pizza X.

Night at the Museum: Animals A to Z will take place at WonderLab on Friday, November 16 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets cost $8 per person for members and $10 per person for non members.