Get hands on with the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra at WonderLab! The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra will be at WonderLab on Saturday November 3, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Touch, hear, and explore all sorts of woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments.

During the whole month of November, WonderLab’s early education classes are focusing on investigating the science of sound and music. “Last year we did a whole month about the science of sounds and talked about instruments from woodwind to string,” WonderLab education director Emmy Brockman said. For this 2018 event the element of meeting and greeting professional musicians has been added.

According to Brockman, WonderLab is committed to showing children the delight of hands-on learning. During events such as, Meet the Instruments, children to interact directly the subject material and meet real people.

“It shows them the hands-on, real-world application of science. Who knows what this type of exposure will inspire?” said Brockman. “In fact, music is probably the reason I started working in early childhood, which has become my career. Without experience in music, I might not have ended up where I am today.”

Meet the Instruments is a drop-in event and is free with museum admission. Note: This event is not a concert.