Charismatic Chuckwalla – Animal Ambassador – WonderLab Favorite

We are sad to announce that Lucky, the chuckwalla, died on Friday, February 25, 2022 of natural causes.

Lucky arrived at WonderLab in 2010 after his caretaker at another institution relocated. He was full grown and, based on his size, his age was estimated to be about 10 years. Most wild chuckwallas live about 15 years; Lucky’s age was estimated to be about 19 years at the time of his passing.

Lucky was a crowd favorite. Throughout the years he interacted with countless staff, volunteers and visitors. Many remember him as a charismatic character, running the perimeter of his habitat, head bobbing to show he was “lizard-in-charge” and, of course, falling asleep in weird places such as squeezed between a rock and the wall or his bowl.

Lucky LOVED food. He would run right to his caregivers as soon as he saw they were carrying his lunch. Then he would climb right up into the bowl and begin munching his greens before the bowl was put into place. He was near and dear to many of our hearts.

Based on his behaviors while at WonderLab, we believe Lucky had a good life. He was eating, pooping, and sleeping. He basked in the warmth on his rocks and seldom hid or flinched from staff. Throughout his final days his skin and eyes remained bright and clear.

Lucky spent his final days exploring and roaming about his new habitat, the Hidden Life of Deserts.

Lucky’s photo has appeared in print, on-line, and in social media – even tiktok! You can read more about chuckwallas and Lucky here.

Rest in peace, Lucky. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed.