Science Lab Spectacular-  Dinner Theater with Science in Mind

Come one, come all to an evening of phenomenal science experiences! For one night only, WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology presents “Night at the Museum: Science Lab Spectacular,” an interactive, all-ages showcase where YOU are one of the stars!

On March 24, this new, unique event of food, science and music will allow guests to get involved in a diverse range of amazing science experiments and presentations, covering everything from liquid nitrogen to Madagascar hissing cockroaches!

“These programs cover a broad sweep of science topics and offer engaging ways for people of any age group to learn about them,” said Nick White, WonderLab’s Outreach and Elementary Education Specialist.

Come and join us for a science dinner theater, with stages featuring many different fantastic experiments.

Get your mad scientist on with the Epic Cold demo. See the insane freezing power of liquid nitrogen! Watch it make rubber go from bouncy to brittle, freezing even the most cold-resistant substances as temperatures drop to 320 degrees below zero!

Then, experience the hair-raising science of the Van De Graaff Generator. Learn all about the science of positive and negative charges and how they affect each other. Find out about the charge of tinfoil, bubbles and even your own hair.

For the pyrotechnic in everyone, check out the Bright Science Stage. There you’ll learn about the science of how we see light. See colored flames, glowing liquids and many more colorful spectacles.

“At WonderLab we believe anyone can be a scientist. These presentations allow you ask hard hitting, scientific questions about, fire, electricity, and light, ” said Whites.

Get to know the different animals at WonderLab with our animal care exhibits. Have you ever wondered what happens when a snake gets sick? How do you know they are sick? How can they be treated? Join our animal care experts as they recount the illness, surgery, and recovery of WonderLab corn snake, William Snakespeare.

Experience one of our popular Dive Deeper programs to learn about aquatic life featuring WonderLab’s Animal Exhibits Manager Sam Couch, a marine biologist.

You can even meet and greet WonderLab’s lizards and Madagascar hissing cockroaches!

Then, get hands-on experience with the investigation touch boxes. Is what you are feeling rough, soft or maybe even squishy? Learn about these nature objects by interacting with them and get some insight from the WonderLab animal care team too!

You can even sample some of the activities normally available exclusively with WonderLab’s birthday packages. Write a secret message with invisible ink and use the science of acids and bases to reveal it, watch an exothermic reaction that looks like toothpaste and much more.

Guests will also have the opportunity to listen to the music of award winning children’s musician and WonderLab Education Director Emmy Brockman.

Prepare to be amazed! Check out WonderLab’s “Night at the Museum: Science Lab Spectacular” from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 24. Tickets are $8 for members and $10 for non-members and available for purchase at