Three owls and a hawk walk into a science museum. The owls agree that this will be a hoot, but their friend feels a bit hawkward – it’s time for WonderLab’s Science Live! Owls.

On Friday, November 23 WonderLab, in partnership with Take Flight! Wildlife Education, will be bringing live birds of prey into the museum for two afternoon, all-ages, shows.

“Take Flight! Wildlife Education considers it our purpose to help people gain a better understanding and love of the natural world and biodiversity, primarily with birds of prey,” said Mark Loring Booth, executive director of Take Flight! Wildlife Education. “The more people love nature, the more they’ll do to protect it.”

To help people get acquainted with nature, Take Flight! will showcase four live birds, three owls and a hawk. Guests will see. up-close, the amazing capabilities of these apex predators.

“All predatory birds are apex predators, top of the food chain,” said Booth. “Anything that happens to an ecosystem tends to concentrate the higher up the food chain you go. When an apex predator becomes an endangered species, it’s a warning light for everything underneath them.”

Come to Science Live! Owls on Friday, November 23. The first show begins at 1:30 p.m. and the second at 3 p.m. in Lab ABC. Tickets to the event are $3 per person, and each show will hold up to 80 audience members.