We don’t know a lot about what this summer is going to look like yet, but one thing we can do is make a list of safe things to do to look forward to. Maybe you want to do some of the things that you didn’t get to do in the past year, or maybe you want to work on new skills and find a passion. To help you build your to-do list, I’ll let you in on some things that I would like to check off this summer, and give you a few ideas as well.

Get outside! (and out of Bloomington) I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent enough time indoors in the past year to last me the next few years. I’m excited to get out of the house this summer, which is why spending time outside is at the top of my list. My favorite thing to do both inside and outside of Bloomington is taking hikes to find beautiful new nature spots. Luckily, Bloomington and the surrounding area is full of parks with incredible ravines, lakes, waterfalls, and more, including the T.C Steele State Historic Site in Nashville.

Find new things in nature! Speaking of nature- looking at it is great, but getting your hands dirty is even better. Collecting pretty rocks is something I like to do when I’m near a body of water, and I’ve also always wanted to find a geode. Maybe you’d like to climb a tree or swim in a lake this summer.

Embark on culinary adventures! I’m far from a chef. In fact, I may have started a small grease fire or two in the past. This summer, I’d like to learn some new skills in the kitchen by practicing making healthy, easy meals. If you’re a little more cooking-inclined than me, maybe you can make a new food concoction from something you’re familiar with. Then, you can make a recipe book with your very own creations. And if you’d like to combine the last point with this one, try cooking on a campfire!

Have animal encounters! I think we all need some quality time with furry friends every once in a while. I recently adopted a cat, and I’m excited for all of the adventures we’re going to embark on this summer. Perhaps you can aim to meet some new creatures by going bird watching or visiting a farm, like the Goat Conspiracy Farm here in Bloomington.

Make and see friends! I’ve dearly missed spending time with my friends during this past year. Since the summer weather makes it much easier to socially distance, I’m excited to make some memories by having a picnic or going roller skating. Maybe you have friends that live a little farther away, or you want to make a new one! Try writing to a pen pal that you can talk about your summer to-do list with.

Stay safe and healthy! Maybe not the most exciting thing on this list, but definitely the most important one for this summer. Before you go crossing things off your to-do list, it’s important to make sure you’re being safe and following health guidelines. We can make it a bit more fun by decorating a special mask to wear while we’re out doing bucket list items.

I hope you can think of plenty of adventures to put on your bucket list. You can cross off many of the items that I mentioned at WonderCamp 2021, which will be happening safely in person this summer during June and July at a variety of locations in or near Bloomington. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

About the Author: Sophia Holt-Wilson is a senior at Indiana University in the Media School with a specialization in advertising management. She is the Public Relations Intern at WonderLab for the 2020-2021 academic year. She’s looking forward to crossing off items on her summer to-do list, and hopes she finally finds a geode.