WonderLab Museum proudly presents Night at the Museum: Fantastic Beasts, Saturday, November 11th, from 6-8pm.  The event will be full of science, live animals, food and “well-mannered frivolity. “ Tickets are $8 per person for WonderLab members and $10 for nonmembers and are available for purchase at wonderlab.org or at the museum front desk and at https://www.wonderlab.org/whats-happening/night-at-the-museum/. Visitors will meet furry and scaly critters face-to-face and determine their animal patronus and explore a museum filled with  science magic.

Fantastic Beasts is an excellent opportunity for both families, children, and adults without children to have a night out and visit your local science museum,” said Jared Katz, WonderLab Museum Educator.Visitors will get to see, touch, and learn about a large variety of animals as well as interact with the professionals and experts who work with the animals. This event is truly geared towards people of all ages.”

Receive a wand and learn about the magical properties of the wood it’s made out of. Take a quiz to find your patronus and then go meet them. Bring two dimensional animals to life using thaumatrope optical illusions. Experiment with ice water and different forms of natural insulation like blubber or feathers to learn about how different animals stay warm in the cold water.

See Ryan Siebert Magician and Entertainer perform sleight-of-hand magic. Watch Jain Aflame wield her magical staff of fire. Get hands-on with the James Gang’s Royal Mini Pigs. Have fun while learning about animals with Silly Safaris and Wildcare Incorporated. Event sponsor, Griffin Realty, makes this event possible. Refreshments will be available for patrons at the Leaky Beaker

Night at the Museum: Fantastic Beasts is for families and fun loving individuals alike. Costumes are optional but encouraged.