WonderLab Awarded $4000.00 for Science Outreach to Rural Communities

We are proud to announce that WonderLab is a recipient of the 2023 STEM Action Grant from the Society for Science through the STEM Action program.

Located in Washington DC, the Society for Science provides support and funding to expand scientific literacy, access to STEM and scientific research. 

From the Society for Science website: “As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization, our mission promotes the understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human advancement: to inform, educate, and inspire. We are best known for our award-winning magazine, Science News, our world class science research competitions and our outreach and equity STEM Programs making sure that every young person can strive to become an engineer or scientist.“

WonderLab is dedicated to expanding its reach to Hoosier communities and will use the funds to continue engagement in many rural towns with populations under 10,000. 

With the funding from Society for Science, WonderLab can support seven different rural Indiana towns by providing free Interactive Science Shows at their community libraries. By removing the financial barrier of these outreach events, these libraries can offer fact-based, fun STEM shows to more Hoosier audiences.

WonderLab is excited to inspire a love of learning and STEM in all ages – everywhere in Indiana.