Photo of Jaime Miller

Jaime Miller, Ready Schools Coordinator, Richland Bean Blossom Community School Corporation

WonderLab is excited to welcome the newest member of the WonderLab Board of Directors, Jaime Miller. Jaime is the Ready Schools Coordinator at Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation. Jaime joined the Board in February 2023.

Jaime has brought her kids, ages 7 and 10, to WonderLab since they were little and still loves to spend time at the museum with them. “Our love of WonderLab has evolved with my kids,” Jaime said. “It is still a favorite experience for my 10-year-old. The museum seems to grow with them as they age.” 

She appreciates that the museum caters to all ages and abilities. The diversity in the exhibits and the target audience stand out to her. 

Karen Jepson-Innes, WonderLab’s Executive Director, is excited to have Jaime on the board and noted her personal connection to WonderLab. “Jaime has been an avid WonderLab visitor with her family and is a compelling spokesperson for science education,” Jepson-Innes said.

Growing up, Jaime loved math but was often discouraged from following this passion because she is female. 

“I was told that I could surely be more successful in something else,” said Jaime, “that math was really hard and science was really hard.” 

Jaime does not want other children to experience what she did. 

Jaime went on to major in Political Science and Spanish at Depauw University and later got her master’s degree and teaching license from IU. While Jaime did not originally plan on teaching, it stuck. 

In her career, Jaime prepares students for their next steps after high school.  

“My passion is making sure that every student has diverse experiences throughout their K-12 education, both in the classroom and in out-of-school time, to make an informed decision about what is really best for them,” said Jaime. 

“I’m in my 14th year at Edgewood,” she continued. “I’ve served as an elementary teacher, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) instructional coach and program coordinator, and most recently I am in my current role developing Ready Schools programming for our district.”

According to Jaime, students must be exposed to science in order to make the best decisions about their future. WonderLab plays an important part in a student’s journey. 

“WonderLab is a gem right here in our community,” said Jaime, noting that she has already helped organize field trips to WonderLab for Edgewood students.

As a member of the board, Jaime hopes to continue this work and expand WonderLab’s reach by bringing in more people from surrounding communities. 

“We value having people, like Jaime, who have experience in K-12 education on the board,” said Jepson-Innes. “She is very creative and positive. She is a ready collaborator with colleagues and contacts.” 

Jaime hopes that her background in education and instructional design will bring a beneficial perspective to WonderLab. Jaime is ready to give back to the community that has given her so much and is excited to do that as a member of WonderLab’s Board of Directors.