Lauren Kucera, Global Manager of Material Science and Regulation, Cook Medical

WonderLab is excited to welcome Lauren Kucera to the WonderLab Board of Directors. Lauren joined the board in July 2022. Lauren, originally from northwest Indiana, moved to Bloomington in 2013 to work for Cook Medical Group. She is now  the Material Science Manager and works to support global science issues.

I’ve always been drawn towards science,” said Lauren.“I looked forward to science fairs, took an introductory organic chemistry class in high school, majored in chemistry in college before pursuing a doctorate in material science. As I got older, I really enjoyed participating in outreach days to teach kids science. Seeing the joy and magic that science can bring to them is exciting.” 

“We are delighted to have Lauren on the Board of Directors,” said WonderLab Executive Director Karen Jespon-Innes. “It’s very important to have young professionals as part of the team. And, her science background and research experience that combines engineering and human biology is really fascinating.”

The WonderLab mission resonates with Lauren. “I definitely believe that hands-on learning is the best way to experience science,” she said.

When asked what her favorite things about WonderLab were, Lauren replied, “I really enjoy the events that WonderLab puts on outside of the regular hours. They are really fun and a great way to have a fun science date night.” She also noted that her favorite exhibits include the Kinetic Contraption and the Mechanical Crane. 

 “Lauren wants to help inspire young people to choose STEM careers,” said Jepson-Innes. “She has a reputation at Cook as a strong relationship-builder and as a person who gets things done.” 

Lauren hopes to bring more community based interactions and experiences to WonderLab.”It would be interesting to create collaborative exhibits with local businesses such as the Bloomington Creative Glass Center, Cook, or Catalent,” she said. 

Lauren is looking forward to learning more about the museum, helping fundraise, and to bring in more new exhibits. 

“Science is about discovery, so changing exhibits is important and I hope to be a part of the committee that helps with that and with fundraising.”