Tricia Riveire Stumpf joins the board of directors. Image courtesy of Tricia Riveire Stumpf.

WonderLab is excited to welcome Tricia Riveire Stumpf to the WonderLab Board of Directors. Riveire Stumpf is the Senior Executive Director at the Indiana University Alumni Association and director of Leadership Bloomington-Monroe County. She is also a Bloomington native, and believes in giving back through her involvement with organizations that contribute to the community. Riveire Stumpf has joined the board for a three-year term.

Riviere Stumpf’s family have been members at WonderLab since 2012. They began visiting when her first child was a few years old. Now with four children ages five to thirteen, Riveire Stumpf appreciates WonderLab’s numerous opportunities for hands-on learning. Her five-year-old son particularly enjoys The Supernova Balls, and the bubble exhibits are a family favorite.

Riviere Stumpf says she especially appreciates the science education opportunities WonderLab provides her daughter. She also noted that the museum opens up a new world for girls that they may not otherwise have exposure to.

As Senior Executive Director at the Indiana University Alumni Association, Riveire Stumpf leads a team of professionals that oversee engagement opportunities with alumni including volunteerism, scholarships, and student programs. The Alumni Association conducts a number of programs globally to connect IU alumni to each other and the university and help them achieve their post-graduate goals. Riviere Stumpf has held various roles within the Alumni Association since 2008.

“My mom was a science teacher, and she instilled at an early age how important hands-on education is,” Riveire Stumpf said about her choice to join the board. “Now that I have a daughter, I see the same importance of hands-on STEM education. I really believe in WonderLab, its mission, and its longevity in our community.”

Riveire Stumpf is also the director of Leadership Bloomington-Monroe County, which identifies rising leaders in Bloomington and Monroe County and connects them with resources to help them do great work within the community. She has held the role for three years. In 2017, she was a recipient of the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce 10 Under 40 Award, which recognizes young professionals for exemplary leadership in the Bloomington community. She is an alumna of DePauw University and Indiana University with a Master of Science in Education from IU.

In addition to these roles, Riveire Stumpf is also involved with the Tri Kappa Alpha Chapter, a women’s philanthropic organization that raises money for charitable organizations within the community. 

“We are excited that Tricia has joined the board as she is a proven leader who is willing to share her aptitude for strategic thinking, creating operational excellence, and connecting with the community to the board,” said WonderLab Board President Brandon O’Leary. “Tricia is a longtime friend and advocate for the WonderLab Museum who has a real passion for the importance of STEM education and the role of WonderLab in the community.”

Riviere Stumpf is the newest board member since Eric Slotegraaf’s addition in November 2019. As a board member, she will become part of the governing body of WonderLab. The board meets monthly and is responsible for providing financial oversight, ensuring adequate resources through fundraising and other means, advocating for and enhancing the organization’s public standing, and long-term strategic planning. 

“I’m really excited to be joining WonderLab at this time.” said Riveire Stumpf, “I think how they’ve responded [to the pandemic] has been incredible.” She explained that the shift to virtual programming has provided new opportunities to expand the educational reach of the museum. “I’m excited to see where we can take it next and continue to grow the mission and outreach in the community.”

WonderLab is an award-winning science museum located at 308 W. Fourth St. on the B-Line Trail in Bloomington, Indiana. General admission is $10, and children younger than one are free. Due to Covid-19 the museum is open limited days and times. For the most up-to-date information go to or WonderLab’s Facebook page.