Wonders of Nature at WonderLab

Explore the science of the outdoors this summer during Wonders of Nature – a new hands-on, active program at WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology.

“It’s very important for kids at WonderLab to learn about physics and chemistry and health,” said Autumn Brunelle, WonderLab Gallery Operations Assistant Manager, “but it’s also important for them to go outside and see the nature that inspires people to study those topics.”

Every Saturday in June, July, and August from 2-2:45 p.m. Brunelle and nature explorers will enter WonderLab’s Lester P. Bushnell WonderGarden to play games and do crafts to find the answers to burning questions such as: Why do birds sing? What kind of animals live in your backyard? What is living in the water that we cannot see?

“As someone who comes from an environmental science background I think it’s very important that kids see nature not as an outside entity,” Brunelle said, “but as something we live with and as a part of ourselves. They can learn about science outside of a physical building.”

Each month will have a different theme. In June, Wonders of Nature programming will teach kids about land life. What animals are predators? What animals are prey? How do animals adapt to different environments? What insects live in the WonderGarden and how do they affect the local ecosystem?

In July, Wonders of Nature participants will be learning about aquatic life by observing the mirad of life in the WonderGarden’s pond. Children will be able to use real microscopes to observe life invisible to the naked eye. What types of microorganism are in the water? How does the water cycle work? How do you test water quality?

August’s theme is plant life. Dissect a flower to find out how it grows and produces pollen. Find out what type of bushes are in the garden and how to identify them. Learn about different composts and how they help plant life grow.

Wonders of Nature is a program for children in late elementary to middle school and their families to explore nature together. Tickets are free with admission to the museum. Each session will take place in the WonderGarden, rain or shine. More information and weather cancellations can be found at wonderlab.org.